Industry Newsletter:

Rate Card

At and we believe the best way to make the most out of your advertising is by using a basket of different advertising methods across our site. This is why we have designed a series of packages to suit different advertising requirements. Each one of these packages can be further tailored to your own needs. You can also buy separate items if that suits your campaign better.

Advertising Packages at and

A package at and ensures that you get exactly the right coverage for your campaign, to reach the most people possible, at the best price we can offer. The advertisers who have achieved the best results at and have all taken out extensive and diverse packages with us, and they keep coming back year after year to renew their contracts.

A package takes about an hour a week to manage and everything is quantifiable and in your control using your Advertising Administration Page.

We are currently revising our packages, please contact us for a personalised quote.

Tailor-made Packages

Our packages are just guidelines for the different components that can be included in each package with a rough discount price. If you would like a short and punchy campaign, then we can create something that fits the bill; if you just want a quick announcement and have only a small budget, then we can offer some effective options for you; if you want to raise awareness of your own online activities then we can help you get traffic and suggest the best way to go about it.

Just contact us for a personalised quote.

Separate Item Rate Card

We are also happy to offer single advertising options for one-off campaigns or for short term advertisers..

Advert Size Pixel Size
Leaderboard banner 728 x 90 pixels
Small button 120 x 600 pixels
Short tower 400 x 600 pixels
Full tower 800 x 300 pixels

Graphic Adverts - Banner, Button and Tower

Graphic adverts appear across the whole site and are sold on a number of impressions per month. Our standard charge is 0.1pence per impression. The cost is the same for standard, animated and flash banners and you can have as many graphic adverts running as you like. You control, manage and monitor click-throughs on your own Advertising Administration Page. You can mix your advertising up using banners and small buttons. We also offer large adverts in the shape of Short Tower and Full Tower options which are counted as 1.5 and 2 impressions respectively.

Banner and Button rates

50,000 / month
Minimum 3 months

100,000 / month
Minimum 2 months

200,000 / month 400,000 / month 600,000 / month
Banners and Small Buttons £100 £200 £400 £800 £1200

Newsletter Adverts

Newsletter Adverts
Position Cost
Primary box £400
Secondary box £300
Banner £250

The UKClimbing/UKHillwallking Newsletter has three advertising positions and is sent out to 52,000 climbers, walkers and mountaineers each week.

Premier Posts

Premier Posts are available at all times on the very popular UKC/UKH Forums. Prices from £25 to £75 per week.

Premier Directory Listings

Premier Classified
12 months £150
6 months £90

Premier Listings are enhanced listings in the UKC Directory. They feature above normal listings and all across the site, and include a photo and comprehensive information about your business. Many Premier Listings have been viewed over 10,000 times and can achieve astounding click-through rates of up to 35%.

Commercial Profile

Commercial Profile
12 months £200

Commercial Profiles enable you to include your Company Name and website in your User Profile name when posting on the and Forums.



1 item £400

We can run competitions on the site with multiple questions or single questions. We can field answers, harvest email address for your newsletters from these competitions and supply results in a .csv or .xls file

On average we get a 30% entry rate for all people who view competitions which can result in over 1000 entries.

Product News/Press Release

Product News/Press Release
1 item £200
Buy Now button Package only

Product News and Press Releases are usually part of a larger package but can be bought as a one-off for people who wanted to promote single product or event for example. Views can get up to 5,000 in a few days on OI/Product News.


Resident Adverts

We have fixed resident adverts available on a variety of the most important and popular pages at and For more information on this, please contact us.