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Targeting an estimated 384,200 climbers & mountaineers in November 2016.

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Premier Posts

Premier Posts allow you to take fixed positions up on our message forums which are the most popular climbing and mountaineering discussion forums in the World. This is a fully automatic system.
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Premier Classifieds

Premier Classifieds are enhanced listings in the UKC/UKH Classifieds pages that offer prominant coverage in our extensive and sophisticated listing system.
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Graphic Advertising

The most visible form of advertising are the graphic banners and buttons which appear on all and pages.
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Sponsor the Weekly Newsletter and now has 74,000 registered users all of whom have been active on the web site in the last 12 months. 90% of our registered users have opted to receive our weekly newsletter (example).
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Commercial Profiles

Commercial Profiles are intended for businesses, small companies and organisations that want to use the forums under their business name.
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We can run competitions for you.
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News, Products and Gear

The Gear section of the site enables businesses, climbing walls, gear manufacturers and retailers to keep readers informed about any new developments, product launches, to highlight existing products, or for Retailers to display special Deal of the Month offers. It is easy to use and your news and product items are showcased in rotation in a prominent position on the UKC/UKH gear page which includes user reviews.
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Buy Now - Retailer advertisers can use the buy now system which is an automated system that links all products back to the relevant pages on the retailer's own web site.

Advertising Rates

We have put together a few specialist packages for Premier Advertisers. These are designed to offer great value for those who wish to use all the various advertising options. We are also open to your suggestions and can tailor packages to suit your specific needs.

Further Information

UKClimbing Limited can offer you the complete package for your advertising needs. Contact us if you require any assistance and we will be happy to talk you through.